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    July 1st, 2013scottUrban Bee Hive Updates

    Last year was a tough year for honey bees in the USA.  Michigan bees had it worse than most, with 47% hives lost, while the national average was closer to 37%. Here is a partial explanation, but keep in mind there are many variables affecting our bees…

    When the drought hit last fall, the queens stopped producing brood, due to no nectar coming in. Then Michigan went directly into cold weather, which, in turn, caused honey bees to go into winter with “old” summer bees- not young winter bees. Many hives went into the cold with very small populations of bees as well, and they just couldn’t generate enough heat to sustain the cluster though the winter.

    Some beekeepers, like me,  lost more than half of their hives, so we are really trying to regroup and come back strong… Not knowing what this season will bring.

    It costs as much as $1,000 to get a hive fully up and thriving. Would you like to help? This is a donation you can really feel good about, since you are helping the environment, while helping replenish the disappearing population of our natural pollinators!!  No matter what part of the country you are in… our ecosystem needs you to give it a boost right now!!  This is due to so many factors including global climate, humans encroaching on natural habitats, pesticides, fertilizers, and Colony Collapse Disorder, etc…

    Securely donate to help Scott the Urban Beekeeper build new hives now, by clicking here!

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    June 30th, 2010scottUncategorized, Urban Bee Hive Updates

    Beekeeping was made legal by the New York Board of Health in March. It has been said to be becoming the DIY, back-to-the-land fetish of the year. It appears that some enthusiasts consider their bees to be no different from their family dog! And even non-bee keepers applaud the efforts to find the bees a good home… Check this out!

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  • Stung!


    I got stung today. Ouch! Right on the nose. I opened the hive without smoking it or wearing my veil. A bee landed on my nose and I instinctively swatted it. When I hit it, it stung me. I immediately rubbed the stinger out and applied a few drops of ammonia. No swelling. No pain. No sign that I was stung. I think the bees wanted to teach me a little lesson. My current plan is to visit them with reverence, smoke and my veil.

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