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    How to start beekeeping with the best possible beekeeping supplies.

    I define “best” as most functional, easiest to use, and lowest price.  Discount beekeeping supplies, beekeeping clothing, and beekeeping equipment will always be researched….

    If you only have time to read one thing…here is the book I would suggest! I have read quite a few books and watched a thousand videos. Given all that time and effort, I suggest this book as a great place to start, especially if you are pressed for time. Then watch my videos and you will be off to a quick start..

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  • I’m just trying to start my website.
    Where can I buy the starter beehive you show setting up on youtube? There are already bees in my neighbor’s yard and mine. I want them for pollinating my garden and for honey. I have a half acre lot.
    It doesnt need to be pretty, hopefully uncomplicated.
    I live on the gulfcoast.

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