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  • Beekeeping for Beginners


    Whether you are beginning beekeeping to start a beekeeping business, are into backyard beekeeping for fun, or are just curious how to start beekeeping because you want to have local honey… this is the site for you.  We will go through the actual process from absolute novice through successful honey output.

    Join Scott as he started his own Bee Hives and follow his progress through seasons of learning and maintaining healthy bee colonies.  You can learn from his mistakes, take hints from what worked and didn’t work for him, and give advice of your own…

    Now that Scott the Urban Beekeeper has several years of experience… He will review plans for building a beehive… including the available free beehive plans you find on the internet. Share them with and he will give you some of his thoughts.

    Do you know how to build or construct a beehive? What does a beehive look like? Do you know you can have an observation beehive? Honey in a beehive is beautiful, so there is a lot to talk about. Join the conversation and visit us on YouTube!

    Come back and comment often!

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